Saturday, 14 July 2012

Raining in July, it must mean your in Britain

It's drizzling on and off here in London. Too warm to wear a coat, too wet to skip around in just a t-shirt. So the perfect remedy is le jacket and I must say these are some awesome options. I swear I would give my left eyebrow for the swan jacket and those of you who know me will know me offering any part of my eyebrow means serious business.

Here is one I made earlier

This is one of my little ladies, they get drawn on days when it tends to be raining and I'm too poor to venture out. I find that these drawings often inspire what I'll wear that week. So I thought sharing them with you would be a nice thing to do. I'm gonna be dotting in or around my daily posts - so watch out!!! they bite, just kidding...but who knows maybe they do.

On the corner of Pitfield Street.

And that means, well it means wearing whatever the flippidy flop I want. As Gok Wan would say "It's all about the confidence". Which is all very well, I believe it's more about displaying your personality all over your person. Yes ofcourse I couldn't wear heels to work I'd break my ankle but in an imaginary world wear I can even afford Sonia Rykiel Trousers with starz on them I'd also wear heels, affordable ones at that!