Friday, 31 August 2012

Tea for two....

HAHA, I don't mean that kind of tea, although a part of me wishes I did, sadly no swanky leafy tea for meee. I mean tea as in dinner you see, after not seeing the boyf* for what seems like months but is in actual fact been 3 solid weeks since we last ate dinner together. I believe a good (or f**ked up both will do) relationship should rely on the two of you dining together. Be it cooked by you, for you or a table reserved at your favourite french restaurant (mine le mercury in islington yum yum) for me, it's time well spent together. And soooooo, I shall be meeting my gent in Muswell Hill to pick up some tastay treats of the savoury variety. Why post about this? Well as I have not seen him outside of our flat for quite sometime I thought I'd wear something other than jogging bottoms and my oversized jumper..although a jumper was involved in the making of this outfit.

So yeah, I had nothing better to do but post my outfit I shall be wearing this evening.....

So I figured I'd put together my comfy ripped jeans, my well loved oversized black jumper and use my Sonia Rykiel wash bag to carry my things.....this whole outfit btw, cost less than £20.

Apologies to Leandra i.e The Man Repeller, this is a sorry excuse of an arm party.

To top it off, as it's quite chilly tonight over here in North London, my white Tux Jacket, I found in Primark when searching for an all white ensemble that wouldn't pull me past over was only £15!!

Hope you enjoyed my wee post...

Over and Out. xx

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dr Jones! Dr Jones!

So as I stated in a previous post, I went to Morocco with the Famille two weeks ago. And I did say I would post several outfits and the overall Morocco theme to my wardrobe.

See you may be thinking I went with the prints and the whole Boho thing, now I aint saying I didn't take my trusty sheer kimono or my torn turned up jean shorts but I went with a slightly more elegant approach, a bit more 1920s Morocco, I thought alot about the beginning of every Indianna Jones movie and how he always ends up in some romantic dusty looking marketplace, so I went with Karen Allen in Raiders of the Lost Arc, Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. Walls lined with maroons and deep purples with hints of gold stitching.

The wardrobe consisted mainly of boy cut trousers, several shirts, a number of funky slippers and of course, The Indianna staple - His Hat!

Now what did I wear to the Beach you may be thinking. One couldn't possibly sunbathe in trousers and shirt - no, I am not under the impression it is actually the 1920s and so took a variety of on trend bikini's. The hawain shirt and several over sized vests from Topman.

Overall I'd say I took a very wise and very small selection of outfits and accessories that for the first time I was happy with the outfit result every evening, not once did I scream 'I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR'.  Morocco was beautiful and I can't emphasise enough how much I want to go again.......Maybe next I'' go to Casablanca, hit up Rick's Bar in my newly acquired burgundy Pyjama suit from River Island (more on that when it actually arrives) and with a matching Fez and monkey on my arm I would shout.......

"We'll always have Paris Mother Fuckers!"

Last outfit was the to and from Airport.

Over and Out. xx

Sell the skin I live in....

With the arrival of Louise Grays super delicious looking collection for Topshop, I decided to go over her previous runway collections just to remind myself how much I adore her designs and then I spotted this stunner - now I'm a fan of the all in one...sometimes. You see my body or more so my booty and its round shape often prevent the purchase of one (I tend to look pregnant in them, cute pregnant but still, it's a deal breaker).  However, I would honestly say that well if it wasn't required for the wearing of the thing I would actually sell my skin to have the garment you see the left, good holy GOD its beautiful, clown meets disco? a plumber with makeshift overalls with a taste for sequins and on show silk lingerie/ who cares I would happily prance about looking a couple months up the duff in this. My only hope is that you read this Miss Gray and think to yourself 'wow this girl would really sell her own birthday suit to wear my designs, well I guess I should give her the damn thing'........

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Jasmine got herself some swanky ass slip slips!

Bought in a store whilst walking with my famille, my papa pointed out all the beautiful slippers and there these stunners were, in a little basket with a board next to them priced 20DH, that my friends in english money is about £1.60!!! Are you fuzzing kidding me I thought, even thought they are a little too small for me I couldn't give a flop. For the rest of my life I now own myself some very unique and special slippers. They make me feel like a Princess who should own a friendly Tiger...sadly them kinda Tigers are hard to come by.

I Went To A Little Place Called Morocco.....

....and jesus f christ it was beautiful. I went on many an Adventure whilst there -  exotic markets, dimly lit kasbahs and oh my bed for 24 hours to battle a horrendous tummy bug but we'll try and forget that minor slip. Otherwise I've not been in love with a place as much since the first time I remember going to Paris and boy oh boy do I want to go again next summer. I'm steadily update the blog with a few things I bought there and a few items I took with me I think.
Don't know about anybody else but going on trips for me are rather special, you see I seem to always come back having learnt/felt/experienced something whilst away from my normal habitat. I almost always bring an item back that forever captures an essence of that certain trip and certainly always, for the last 4 years have thought long and hard about what clothes I should take. For me holiday clothes are not about what's hot or on trend this or that summer, of course I incorporate certain items of clothing that are 'on trend' but they are not the driving force to the ultimate goal here - which is outfits that reflect the environment and city I happen to be in. Take England me for instance, England me knows of how it can without fail start to rain at any given second no matter where she is in the United Kingdom and so England me likes to wear oversized jumpers and carry a big ol' beanie hat in her bag. I have done this for so long now that the oversized jumper or cardigan somewhat trumps many other garments in my wardrobe, come rain or shine and trust me the rain does indeed come.
I went to paris a month ago with my family, and therefor my packing was ....Paris inspired, this may sound silly and some may be thinking "why not wear what you want no matter where you are, your style is your style" well if you are thinking that then you are correct, however my style is transitional and one of my fave things to do is let my wardrobe be inspired by a place I have just been or I am going to. Phew! hope I was able to explain something there? no? well you can't ask for your money back because I don't have it...I spent it all on pretty autumn/winter inspired Heels!!

okay so for the next few posts I will try and demonstrate what I mean through some photos.......Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What I wore to Dinner with my Papa.....

Me and my Dad often meet up for little outings to the cinema or for dinner as he has lived in London for two years now and it's great! I always look forward to seeing him and having a nice long natter, so this evening I went to meet him at his lovely flat in Swiss Cottage for some seriously tastay salmon terriyaki. I fancied posting my outfit mainly because I enjoyed my outfit and thought maybe you guys would too.