Friday, 31 August 2012

Tea for two....

HAHA, I don't mean that kind of tea, although a part of me wishes I did, sadly no swanky leafy tea for meee. I mean tea as in dinner you see, after not seeing the boyf* for what seems like months but is in actual fact been 3 solid weeks since we last ate dinner together. I believe a good (or f**ked up both will do) relationship should rely on the two of you dining together. Be it cooked by you, for you or a table reserved at your favourite french restaurant (mine le mercury in islington yum yum) for me, it's time well spent together. And soooooo, I shall be meeting my gent in Muswell Hill to pick up some tastay treats of the savoury variety. Why post about this? Well as I have not seen him outside of our flat for quite sometime I thought I'd wear something other than jogging bottoms and my oversized jumper..although a jumper was involved in the making of this outfit.

So yeah, I had nothing better to do but post my outfit I shall be wearing this evening.....

So I figured I'd put together my comfy ripped jeans, my well loved oversized black jumper and use my Sonia Rykiel wash bag to carry my things.....this whole outfit btw, cost less than £20.

Apologies to Leandra i.e The Man Repeller, this is a sorry excuse of an arm party.

To top it off, as it's quite chilly tonight over here in North London, my white Tux Jacket, I found in Primark when searching for an all white ensemble that wouldn't pull me past over was only £15!!

Hope you enjoyed my wee post...

Over and Out. xx

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  1. That watch is fantastic!!!!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful dinner! x