Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dr Jones! Dr Jones!

So as I stated in a previous post, I went to Morocco with the Famille two weeks ago. And I did say I would post several outfits and the overall Morocco theme to my wardrobe.

See you may be thinking I went with the prints and the whole Boho thing, now I aint saying I didn't take my trusty sheer kimono or my torn turned up jean shorts but I went with a slightly more elegant approach, a bit more 1920s Morocco, I thought alot about the beginning of every Indianna Jones movie and how he always ends up in some romantic dusty looking marketplace, so I went with Karen Allen in Raiders of the Lost Arc, Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. Walls lined with maroons and deep purples with hints of gold stitching.

The wardrobe consisted mainly of boy cut trousers, several shirts, a number of funky slippers and of course, The Indianna staple - His Hat!

Now what did I wear to the Beach you may be thinking. One couldn't possibly sunbathe in trousers and shirt - no, I am not under the impression it is actually the 1920s and so took a variety of on trend bikini's. The hawain shirt and several over sized vests from Topman.

Overall I'd say I took a very wise and very small selection of outfits and accessories that for the first time I was happy with the outfit result every evening, not once did I scream 'I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR'.  Morocco was beautiful and I can't emphasise enough how much I want to go again.......Maybe next I'' go to Casablanca, hit up Rick's Bar in my newly acquired burgundy Pyjama suit from River Island (more on that when it actually arrives) and with a matching Fez and monkey on my arm I would shout.......

"We'll always have Paris Mother Fuckers!"

Last outfit was the to and from Airport.

Over and Out. xx

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  1. All of these are awesome. You should make the photos in the post bigger so we can see more detail :) x