Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sell the skin I live in....

With the arrival of Louise Grays super delicious looking collection for Topshop, I decided to go over her previous runway collections just to remind myself how much I adore her designs and then I spotted this stunner - now I'm a fan of the all in one...sometimes. You see my body or more so my booty and its round shape often prevent the purchase of one (I tend to look pregnant in them, cute pregnant but still, it's a deal breaker).  However, I would honestly say that well if it wasn't required for the wearing of the thing I would actually sell my skin to have the garment you see the left, good holy GOD its beautiful, clown meets disco? a plumber with makeshift overalls with a taste for sequins and on show silk lingerie/ who cares I would happily prance about looking a couple months up the duff in this. My only hope is that you read this Miss Gray and think to yourself 'wow this girl would really sell her own birthday suit to wear my designs, well I guess I should give her the damn thing'........
In a perfect world this would undoubtedly happen.

Over and Out. xx

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