Thursday, 2 February 2012

And so it begins..

Heres to my first ever blog! *sips coffee*

With no one following me as of yet I suppose this post is just for me.
It has been a long time coming and here it is, my mind is often such a cluster f**k of all sorts of things that it was only natural and a relief to my friends that I find a place to throw it all down.

Thing is I'm not JUST into fashion or JUST into movies, politics, art, music...the list goes on so this blog really is to simply write about what I know, or what seems to be going on in my little life.
A few main points about me and what's going on at present - I am an actor, in my third and final year at drama school, I work in a bar which is supposedly to help pay my rent, my asos purchasing track record would probably say different.

I want to say more alas the kettle has boiled, I'll come back when I have something a little more interesting to say ey?

Over and Out Bitches xxx

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