Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Lovely Suprise......

So yesterday evening I spent the evening with friends, walking to their flat was rather strange because it is round the corner from where I lived two years ago my first flat in London.
So walking back to the tube this afternoon was rather strange in a lovely reminiscent sort of way, I got to stroll the street I use to walk up and down everyday for a year, all my memories (and there are many) that I flicked through all in a short walk way down a street.

I took a photo of the doctors on the corner, that may seem strange but it seemed less weird than photographing a house I no longer live in.

Spent the rest of the afternoon with the boyfriend, then getting out of the tube I saw that is was SNOWING and still is mother F**ckers, oh yeah. A delightful beginning to my evening, walking home getting covered in chilly snow flakes, beautiful.

The mini I walk past everyday wishing it was miiiiiiine...

Over and Out Bitches xxx

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